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How to earn from youtube likes

How to earn from youtube likes

If you want to make money from YouTube as it is popular these days because of the large number of bloggers on YouTube, but you need to know that this takes a long time until you have fans and views so that you can make money [1] .

Because collecting a large number of subscribers to the channel is difficult and important, here are 10 tips so that you can achieve this:

  • Buying subscribers

At first glance, you may be shocked by this advice, but it is the first step to be able to make money behind likes from YouTube, and you can buy subscribers by sending a message to people who do not follow you containing an explanation of your content how useful and valuable it is, because collecting a thousand people is equal to one 3 to 5 dollars, which is also not easy and fast. This may take 22 months, but why would a person wait so long to make money and this matter has many benefits, including:

  1. Send signals to non-subscribers that your content has value.
  2. It also allows you to benefit from making money today and not after 12 months.
  3. After you have purchased subscribers, you have to do several things so that you can keep following them and get their likes, so create an original subscription watermark, which is a watermark that appears below the video so that they can subscribe automatically.

  • Create personalized videos

Because getting subscribers is important, you should make welcome videos for new participants so that they feel special and also so that the non-followers are happy to follow you.

  • buy youtube views

Views on YouTube is very important, because through it people judge your videos and make likes on them, as they judge whether they watch them or not, and buying views greatly speeds up the appearance of the video for many people and enables you to get subscribers, higher views and more likes.

  • Use great tags and descriptions

The great description of the video attracts a number of views and also the quality. If the description does not attract viewers, you will not be able to achieve anything from behind YouTube and the poor quality as well, so you have to deposit in the videos that you provide because it offers you a lot like this makes you in a separate world from many bloggers and also viewers can Searching only for relevant information, video description also lets viewers know what they will be watching before playing it so they don't waste their time.

  • buy youtube likes

The number of subscribers to your channels can be many, but sometimes some do not like the video because they did not like it very much. But if you buy likes, this will make your videos more visible, and this is because of the algorithm, because the algorithm makes your videos vulnerable to advertising companies.

  • Buying from the right companies

If you buy views and likes from wrong companies, this causes a waste of your time because it will not work, but there are companies that are known to be real, such as:

  1. storm views.
  2. Wire lift.
  3. Social packages?
  4. Famous.

  • Share your content

Famous bloggers not only rely on uploading the video and leave it to luck but also share it in a large number of platforms so that a large number of people can watch it in different places.

  • buy in algorithm

You must publish safe contents because dangerous information will make your videos fall apart, and your videos must be long so that you can spend a large number of viewers and provide a high-quality video, and you must be a separate person from the rest and also provide videos constantly so that you can collect More views and likes.

  • Collaboration Operations

Your collaboration with important people or original brands can bring you followers and also in different ways like:

  1. You can collaborate with an influencer to showcase your brand in exchange for visibility.
  2. Also review someone else's products for a video with paid content.
  3. You can ask other brands to share your content in exchange for something else, whether that thing is a review or a rating.

  • Give viewers an incentive

Offering a reward through your videos to followers gives you higher views and new followers. For example, you can offer a reward to those who like or follow, and not only do educational videos to make viewers follow your videos constantly.

how to earn from youtube

You can earn a lot of money through your YouTube channel and here are the ways:

  • End your videos with excitement

Attracting the attention of the follower, which makes him return to watching the rest of your videos, and you must write meaningful content for the video so that people stay in anticipation of the rest of the videos.

  • Verify your Google account

Because everyone is able to make a 15-minute video only, and you want to make more content, you should check Google because long clips make you more interactive with viewers, and after you verify, you will be able to make a video of up to 12 hours.

  • Add custom channel trailer

Because there is an empty space at the top of the page that allows you to use it by, for example, displaying the video of subscribers to the channel, as well as other content for non-subscribers, such as a promotional video that introduces them to your channel.

  • Use clickable subscription tools

For example, you can use the end screen by reminding you to subscribe and like, and also the watermarks that are at the bottom of the screen so that they can subscribe with just a click.

  • Develop playlists

You can use playlists as a mini-channel or a continuous series, for example, a person watches a video and continues to view the rest of the videos, spending a lot of time until he is motivated to subscribe.

how to earn from youtube followers

To earn money in a serious way through YouTube, follow the following tips:

  • Show your content

With the tab you can add up to 12 sections to your channel homepage to showcase your best content in advance so that visitors can see your videos so they can subscribe.

  • Release clips according to a fixed schedule

In order to be able to attract the largest number of subscribers, you must increase your videos, but the quality must be high and the video is targeted so that viewers wait for the rest.

  • Ask your followers to pay you directly

For example, you can do a super chat to attract followers, and also invite your followers to join YouTube Premium because when followers subscribe, you get a subscription fee.

  • Licensing Your Content in the Media

If your content is good, which attracts a lot of viewers, that media calls to buy your videos in return, then you should keep the video ownership rights by registering in the video rights market and also keep your contact details updated.


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