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Names of companies that provide optical fiber service

Optical fiber service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Communications and Information Technology Commission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia indicated that the agreement to open the domain between the six telecom companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has already entered into force.

This agreement aims to enable the user to choose the fiber-optic service provider without having to consider who is the owner of the infrastructure, which helps in diversifying the options provided for the user as well as increasing the level of quality of the service provided to him.

The agreement provides the possibility for the six telecommunications companies, which are STC, Mobily, Zain Saudi Arabia, Integrated Telecom Company, Dawiyat Company, and Etihad Atheeb Telecom Company.

 It gives the consumer the freedom between the selected companies and allows the use of the fixed broadband infrastructure (optical fiber) of these companies and service the user through them, and thus it targets more than three and a half million homes connected to optical fibers throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Companies that provide fiber-optic service

  • STC

Fiber optic technology allows business and access to current and future business services, as well as broadband services and applications.

The advantages of the service in STC are the high connection speed, even (up to 2GB)

The broadband it offers in the form of high capacities and the ease in upgrading those capacities as needed.

Offers secure elevated connectivity solutions.

Many services are provided through the same access network.

The technology is described by the company as being trustworthy and one of the most robust and stable solutions for connectivity.

It is the highest quality level of communication service provided through the company.

Offer compatibility with future telecom solutions and have the ability to meet upgrade.

Operates in a permanent manner with a technically backed warranty 24 hours a day. [1]

  • Mobily company

The company introduces the service, as it is the service that will provide high download speeds and give browsing in a different and new way.

The company also enables the ability to watch videos directly and also play video games directly over the Internet at a competitive price.

  • Zain Saudi Arabia

Zain Saudi Arabia explains that it aims to deliver the service to many cities and regions, and this step came out of the interest of Zain Saudi Arabia to provide all services available to customers, and to contribute to the provision of the Kingdom’s vision 2030 and be a part of it.

The service works in order to provide quality broadband services using fiber optic technology in order to provide high Internet services.

  • Formerly Integrated Telecom Company, Salam now

A few years ago, the former Integrated Telecom Company or Salam now signed the implementation agreement regarding the high-speed broadband initiative to be able to cover areas inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through fiber optic technology, which targeted the broadband initiative so that competitive capabilities can be enhanced so that the agreements include between service providers as it turns out.

The Integrated Telecom Company, in the beginning, any of the first of July, will provide multiple Internet speeds to allow a broad range that includes one hundred megabytes per second, two hundred and forty megabytes per second, and five hundred megabytes per second.

There are also two other companies that provide optical fiber service in Saudi Arabia, namely:

  1. Photonics company
  2. Etihad Atheeb Telecom Company

The best fiber optic company in the Kingdom

After the fiber-optic service entered the scope of work and came into force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and people knew the extent of the importance and ability of that service to work on the Internet and its speed, many people's interest was focused on knowing the best company that provides fiber-optic service to customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to the data provided. And the experiences of citizens, the former Integrated Telecommunications Company, Salam, is currently the best company in providing services. [2]

What is a fiber optic service?

Optical fiber is that technology used to transmit information as light pulses through strands of fibers made of glass or plastic over long distances.

Where optical fibers are about the diameter of a human hair and when they are assembled into a fiber-optic cable, they are able to transmit more data over longer distances and faster than other media . Photovoltaics offer more benefit than other technologies.

fiber optic internet

Optical fibers use fiber-optic cables instead of copper wires. Fiber Internet allows a person to surf the web thanks to fiber-optic cables filled with glass threads.  

These cables send data back and forth thanks to lasers and optical signals, but that might be a very simple definition for those interested in the technology, so next dig in a bit more.

“Fiber-optic cables carry light very well over relatively long distances with low attenuation and distortion of the optical signal,” say specialists.

This optical signal is used by binary to communicate with your computer , the presence of light may indicate a binary presence, and the absence of light indicates a binary zero,” say the specialists.

Fiber connections do not distort over long distances like regular copper wire connections do. People may now ask why fiber is so much better at transmitting data than cable or DSL Internet connections. The answer lies in the types of cables used to transmit data on the Internet.

Both DSL and cable internet rely on copper wires to transmit data, the same type of wire that carries people's voice over a phone line. This just shows how long this technology has been around, and how fiber optics are installed  .

As specialists point out, “In contrast to fiber-optic cable, which carries light with relatively low attenuation and distortion, copper wires attenuate and distort the voltage signals they carry.”

The problem of attenuation and distortion of copper wires gets worse the longer the wires, so the further away from the neighborhood node and ISP you live in, the worse the signal, and the attenuation gets worse with the speed of people's Internet, (that's why you can't DSL and cable internet only work that fast).

This is why a fiber link can provide much faster data transmission than copper, and that means faster loading times, higher quality streaming, and less mixing and a reload button when a website isn't loading fast enough.

Users' internet speed also depends on how much data the infrastructure can handle. Fiber-optic internet lines transmit data using modified light instead of electricity. This gives the user much higher bandwidth, as they are not bound by the physical limitations of electricity passing through the metal. [3]


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