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Why are the majority of American companies incorporated in Delaware

What is Delaware?

Delaware is one of the states in the United States of America, but this state is considered the most famous , and this is due to a number of reasons, including that this state has a good reputation in commercial operations and various businesses, as evidenced by the success of a large number of projects that have been established in this state .

Delaware is one of the most famous states in the world in which various commercial operations are carried out and that citizens trust in its success because of the good reputation that the state of Delaware possesses, and the most successful companies in the world have been established in this state, such as Fortune, this company that is presented in all countries world for trading.

Every day so many companies and projects are incorporated in Delaware that it has been proven that more than 60% of the world's most successful and well-known companies are established in Delaware.

Why are companies incorporated in Delaware

There are a wide range of different reasons why a Delaware company is the number one choice for investors who want to start their own businesses and companies, and these reasons include:

  1. Delaware is the preferred state for many businessmen, as the mere incorporation in this state is a guarantee of the success of this project , especially projects that require bold capital and may expose its owner to loss, so the state of Delaware is chosen as a headquarters for the project before the investment process begins .
  2. In the state of Delaware, the focus is on business greatly, as the state legislature takes over the task of development and monitoring the variables of activity, as it is known that any project goes through a set of different steps and fluctuations that can destroy the project, but state laws obligate this body to follow up All changes are supervised.
  3. Delaware has the best structural system in the world, as this state has a set of laws and regulations that are considered the best in establishing projects and dealing with various crises and solving them, and this system is the most famous because it contributes to the restructuring of many projects.
  4. What distinguishes this state is the absence of any kind of tax on sales or any project that is established within the state, which helps investors to start their own projects, and no type of added value is imposed on companies, and it is Calculation of the franchise tax that is imposed on companies and is required to be paid at a flat rate for all companies, and this is determined based on the shares of this company.

Delaware Features

  1. In the event that you want to establish a company in the state of Delaware or own any project in the state, it is not required that the owner be a resident of the state or have an actual residence in this place, and this is considered the most distinctive feature of this state, which is the possibility of managing the project from anywhere in the world.
  2. The procedures for establishing a commercial company in the state of Delaware are done quickly, when looking at any other state, we find that these procedures take weeks and may reach months in order to approve the start of the project and start the implementation plan, as in some projects it can take two or three hours as a maximum. Maximum project implementation is activated.
  3. The main advantage of Delaware is that it is the least expensive state in the world, and this state does not charge additional fees to its residents, so it is the most suitable option for all investors who want to start new projects.
  4. The General Authority of the State of Delaware cares about the privacy of all investors, as the company's data, which is the names of the owners, their identity and the percentage of shares of each person of the matters that the Authority maintains, so it does not advertise it through the main website of the state, as the state considers these data private and it is difficult be easily disclosed.

Delaware cities

Delaware cities are :

  • Seaford City.
  • City of Milford.
  • Smyrna city.
  • Mildtown.
  • Newark City.
  • Dover, the capital of Delaware.
  • Wilmington is the largest city in Delaware.

Delaware City's Economy

Delaware is one of the most well-known states in the United States of America, there are a lot of services that are provided to investors by this state to help them start their new projects, and this situation lasted for years until the city of Delaware became one of the most famous states in the world in the field of business and industries service as well.

There are a large number of different financial disciplines and different departments in the state of Delaware that encourage businessmen to start their own new projects, such as financial and human resources and the field of community service and provide many different services to citizens through financial facilities and procedures that help them start their new projects.

The state of Delaware is the headquarters of a large group of well-known companies in the world, as all the services that are provided by the state and the responsible body encourage businessmen to establish companies and implement the ideas of many different projects on the ground, and the state laws help to maintain a plan The work of these projects through the supervision of this work in accordance with the business law that was established and agreed upon in the state.

At the present time, the state of Delaware is one of the most famous states in which all kinds of commercial and service companies are located in the world. It gives it to investors at the same time.

The state of Delaware provides all investors and businessmen with a successful work environment and a strong economy that contributes to the success of all projects that are established within this state. Specialists to follow up on the work and ensure its success, so the state of Delaware guarantees any investor the success of his project and supervises it continuously.

Delaware is located in the central part of the United States of America. Work helps entrepreneurs to manage and succeed, and then the appropriate business plan is developed and started to be implemented, and this mandate helps preserve privacy for many large companies. [2]


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